Displays: Handheld Units



The NX7® exemplifies the evolution of handheld computers. Packed with innovative advancements in PDA technology, it surpasses everything else on the market with its mix of power, functionality and ruggedness. The NX7 can do everything you need to do – and some things you may not have even known you could do.



For complete water quality sonde set-up and real time monitoring, the Surveyor is a simple and rugged handheld display that is designed specifically for use with the Hydrotech Compact MS, HT6, OEM MS5, OEM DS5, Hydrolab® standard DS5X, DS5, and MS5. 



The Trimble Recon, an ultra-rugged handheld field computer, is used for complete HydroTech and Hydrolab water quality sondes. With an IP67 rating, it's impervious to water and dust, and inside the rugged casing it's packed with new connectivity options. As well as increased memory, and an industry-standard, open operating system, you now have the option of built-in Bluetooth® and wireless LAN.


The Archer is a rugged PDA built for the field. It is waterproof and dustproof (IP67) featuring long battery life, sunlight readable display, and operation in extreme temperature. Integrate GPS, WiFi, RFID, barcode or data acquisition functionality with the Archer by adding peripheral devices sealed with an extended cap. Depend on the Archer today and tomorrow for your field information technology.

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