Hydras 3 LT

Install Hydras 3LT®  Windows® software on your PC to use for communication with all HydroTech and Hydrolab® multiprobes.              Features:
  • Easy-to-use, GUI interface allows full operation of Hydrolab Series 4a and Series 5 sondes
  • Real-time, multi-parameter time series graphing and vertical profiling
  • Simple, point and click calibration of any parameter
  • One-click download for field data collection
  • User-programmable stability check on each sensor
  • Download here Hydras 3LT
  • Download Hydras 3LT manual 

  • Quick set-up of data logging runs for multiple sondes with a single template
  • Simultaneous, multiple probe download capability saves valuable time
  • Intuitive software can be used without complicated user’s manuals

Common questions and answers:

Q: Which Hydrolab equipment is compatible with Hydras 3 LT®?

A: Hydras 3 LT® was designed to operate the DataSonde 4x®, DataSonde 4a®, or the MiniSonde 4a®, Minisonde5®, Datasonde5®, HT6, Compact MS, OEM Minisonde5 and OEM Datasonde5.

Q: What do I do if Hydras 3 LT doesn't see my sonde?

A: If Hydras 3 LT ® does not immediately see your sonde, check your connection, then click on “Re-Scan for Sondes.” If the software is still not able to find the sonde, check to see which version of Hydras 3 LT you are using. Many connection issues were resolved with the release of Hydras 3 LT v. 2.0. The most recent version of Hydras 3 LT can be downloaded here.

Hydras 3 Pocket®

Hydras 3 Pocket® brings the most critical functionality of Hydras 3 LT® to a Windows-based Pocket PC.


  • Intuitive software for real-time monitoring, log file set-up and data downloads, sensor calibration, and basic sonde management
  • Runs on a Trimble Recon field-ready PDA, The Archer field PC and any standard PDA's with RS-232 connection
  • Display data in graphical or tabular formats
  • Export data to Hydras 3, Excel, or Text files
  • Communicate via RS-232 connection
  • Complete capability with the following instruments
    • HydroTech Compact MS
    • HydroTech OEM MS5
    • HydroTech OEM DS5 / DS5X
    • Hydrolab DS5X®
    • Hydrolab DS5®
    • Hydrolab MS5®
    • DataSonde 4X®
    • DataSonde 4a®
    • MiniSonde 4a®

  • The most critical features of a Hydras 3 are now available on a PDA, so laptops can be left in the office
  • So intuitive, manuals aren’t necessary
  • Low cost alternative to laptops or other handhelds
  • Run the software on a Trimble Recon, an Archer PDA or any other standard PDA.
  • Download a free Hydras 3 pocket PC Demo Version here
  • Download Hydras 3 pocket PC manual (pdf)

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